About Natalie


I have always been drawn to helping others and envisioned myself as a Licensed Professional Counselor. While in graduate school pursing a degree in Counseling Psychology I became pregnant with my first child, setting in motion my journey to become a birth doula. 

I was encouraged by a close friend to explore my birth options and consider an unmedicated childbirth. I was already passionate about natural living and heath issues so the idea of an unmedicated labor and delivery was appealing. After watching the documentary, The Business of Being Born, I was confident in my ability to give birth naturally with the support of my husband, doula and obstetrician. 

I was not well educated regarding natural birth with my first pregnancy, however I was determined not to have an epidural. I was approaching the two-week mark of going beyond my estimated due date and my water broke, however I had no labor contractions. We waited several hours for labor to start but I never developed a strong labor pattern. I agreed to a low dose of pitocin, but no epidural. After 18 long hours of labor I delivered a healthy baby girl with no pain medications and no additional interventions. 

Although my first birth did not go as planned, it was an empowering and transformative experience. Had I not been supported by my husband, doula and obstetrician, I would have been unable to avoid pain medications. After my first birth I became very interested in becoming a doula. It encapsulates many of my interests such as helping others, natural health and counseling. I became a doula in 2011 and in 2013 certified through DONA International.

I have been married to my wonderful husband Chris since 2008 and we have three children. I graduated from The University of Alabama in 2004 with a degree in Public Relations and a minor in Psychology. My other interests include reading, cooking healthy foods from scratch and spending time with those I love! 

Childbirth Philosophy:

I believe birth is a natural process and a woman's body was designed to give birth. When a woman is well supported and in a nurturing environment, she has the greatest opportunity to discover how beautifully equipped her body is in bringing forth her child. I work with women who want an unmedicated birth as well as those choosing medical interventions and pain relief.