What is a Doula?

A doula is a professionally trained birth assistant providing continuous emotional and physical support before, during and after delivery. A doula brings knowledge and experience of the emotional and physical progression of labor to offer reassurance to laboring women and their families. Women cope with labor in a variety of ways and a doula assists their clients in finding what works during each stage of labor and delivery. 

Doulas fulfill a unique and positive role in a couples journey during pregnancy, labor and the immediate postpartum period. The benefits of a woman continuously supported by a doula are invaluable. Several studies have shown women supported by a doula experience a reduction in length of labor, cesarean sections, need for pain medications and fewer complications. Additionally, the women had a greater satisfaction with their childbirth experience and enhanced mother/infant bonding.  The women also experienced less postpartum depression, anxiety and had greater self-esteem. These results solidify the value of labor support not only for the mother, but the family as well. 

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